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Dr. Meredith Carroll, Professor, Professor, Aviation Human Factors | Director, ATLAS Lab

Bhoomin is an incredibly motivated researcher and practitioner whose passion for the Urban/Advanced Air Mobility (U/AAM) domain has been the driving force behind my lab’s involvement in this incredibly important, emerging domain. Bhoomin has gained a great deal of experience through both academic research in the ATLAS lab and multiple industry internships, which has allowed him to build a great experience base in areas relevant to both R&D and operations.  Bhoomin always puts forth significant effort to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and is a pleasure to work with, demonstrating outstanding communication skills and a positive attitude. I look forward to seeing him take the industry by storm!

Rohit Goyal, Strategy Leader - AAM & Future Mobility, Boeing

I am pleased to offer my endorsement for Bhoomin B Chauhan, a Ph.D. student currently engaged in advanced air mobility research. I came to know Bhoomin when he assisted in developing an Urban Air Mobility graduate course at Florida Tech. He has developed valuable experience in the AAM domain through a variety of internships in the field at renowned institutions. What I appreciate the most about Bhoomin is that he has a “Yes” mindset. He is eager and curious and genuinely wants to contribute to the AAM domain. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors as he charts his own journey."

Dan Sloat, JD/MBA,

Founder & President Advanced Air Mobility Institute; CEO, Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions

I wholeheartedly recommend Bhoomin B Chauhan, citing their current and seminal research in eVTOL and advanced air mobility human factors. I have had the chance to meet Chauhan, and he provided me with a detailed description of how the current flight simulations can be leveraged to understand the human factors implications of electric flight. Chauhan has consistently demonstrated dedication, innovative thinking, and a robust methodological approach toward understanding advanced air mobility through our numerous interactions and discussions. Chauhan, as part of the Florida Institute of Technology team, also contributed to the recently submitted RFI requested by the Department of Transportation on the national strategy for Advanced Air Mobility. His contribution adeptly combined academic insights with industry insights, showcasing their ability to translate theory into practice. With his passion, research background, and knowledge of advanced air mobility, Chauhan is poised to continue making significant strides in this evolving field. 

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