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"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - Gandalf.

Image by Bing Hui Yau

Hello & Welcome!
I'm Bhoomin B Chauhan

Phone: 307-761-9000


Launch City


Currently looking for a full-time position in the aviation industry, particularly in aviation planning and airport operations - With a strong focus on the Integration of Advanced Air Mobility & Human Factors.

I am open to onsite, hybrid, or fully remote positions. Open to start Summer 2024

Core Competencies

Experience working in:

  1. Multi-faceted team environment

  2. Client facing roles

  3. Project management

  4. Report/whitepaper development

  5. Literature review

  6. Emerging Technology in aviation market analysis

Recommendations & Testimonials

Read about testimonials from my academic advisors and supervisors I have worked for:

I am an experienced, published graduate student with demonstrated academic research and 3+ years of industry experience. I hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. I have worked with Federal and state Department of Transportation (DOT) clients on advanced air mobility (AAM), electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), and uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) projects. My primary experience is in studying the integration of emerging aviation technologies into the current aircraft operations, identifying and developing AAM infrastructure requirements, and establishing human factors implication of AAM operations.

About Me

Timeline - Key Milestones

Jan. 2023

Sept. 2022 – Nov. 2022

June 2021


Started working as an Advanced Air Mobility Specialist with Hovecon, LLC

Started working as an Client Service Intern at Ernst & Young Parthenon

Started working on developing one of the country's first urban air mobility graduate-level course

Next stop: Ready to enter the industry workforce; Wherever the wind takes me.

May 2019

Oct. 2019 - Feb. 2020

Fall 2020

Feb. 2020 – May 2021

 2nd internship as aviation research analyst

Began my Ph.D. and research in aviation sciences, focusing on advanced air mobility and human factors

First internship at Valkaria - X59

Obtained M.S. in Applied Aviation Safety from Florida Institute of Technology.

May 2018

Aug. 2017

Jan. 2016

May 2015

Moved to the United States

Began research in aviation safety and drones: Completed one funded project, published 4 conference proceedings

Completed undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering

Won first prize in Airport Co-operative Research Program Design Competition


A Glimpse of Emerging Technology in Aviation

Drone Delivery Demonstration at the Florida Institute of Technology. I was given the opportunity to be part of the planning team - The Florida Tech Alumni Associated and the university leadership team to coordinate and successfully execute a drone delivery demonstration by Causey Unmanned. The demonstration, as part of the Advanced Air Mobility Tech Showcase day, was attend by local and regional stakeholders. The drone demonstration was covered by the local news. Read more here.


Invited to attend the Investor Relation Presentation by Even Air Mobility. Not only did I get a chance to learn about the progress Eve has been making in the domain of urban air mobility, I also got to sit in an actual eVTOL cabin mock-up. Pretty cool, right? 


Next, I got the chance to attend Volocopter's first eVTOL public demonstration at the Tampa International Airport in Florida. Not only did I get a chance to witness this historic demonstration of an eVTOL aircraft operating at an commercial airport, I also got the chance to meet with their cheif test pilot and lead system engineer to discuss the implications of integrating electric propulsion information for a piloted eVTOL aircraft. Super fun, aweome cuban sandwiches, though!


As the president of the Drone Club at Florida Tech, I have had the opportunity to participate and educate the campus community on the myriad use cases of drones. In addition to holding regular meetings and sessions, I also had the chance to capture some awsome (read amateur) photos and videos of events that the Drone Club was invited to be a part of. See a few snippets below.

Volleyball Club - Photo.JPG
Volleyball Club Photo - 3.JPG
Surf Club - Photo.JPG



Aviation Research

Airport Operations

Airport Design & Layout

Airport Safety

Research Data Analysis

Research Data Visualization

Electrical Aircraft (eVTOL) Operations

Advanced Air Mobility Market Analysis

Flight Deck Design/Human Factors

Vertiport Layout & Design

Drone Operations

Drone NEPA Review Process

Part 107 & 135 Drone Operations Analysis



Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft Battery Display Concepts



Considerations for UAM Aircraft Information Requirements for Pilots


Human Factors Considerations in Urban Air Mobility


Guidelines for Information Display Characteristics for eVTOL Pilot Interface


Advanced Air Mobility: Human Factors Considerations for eVTOL Pilot Interface



Key Constructs, Measures, and Considerations for Human Factors Researchers in the Advanced Air Mobility Domain


Training Implications for Future Advanced Air Mobility Operations




+1 307 761 9000


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